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Igniting the spark of genius in every child

We Work to Understand Your Kids Needs

At Gu+MMI Smart Kids, we prepare the children for formal education in a fun and engaging manner. The school offers an integrated thematic curriculum with a Montessori element. Our program is also bilingual and includes coding and brain-power enrichment. We also have 2 outdoor spaces, where the children’s explorations are prioritized.

The school is operated within a terrace (300sqm) that promotes a home-like environment and we work hand in hand with the parents, relying on the notion that it takes a village to raise a child. .

What is special about centre

Vision & Mission Statements

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    Our Mission

    To offer our children the most conducive learning environment, nurturing and educating them by staying dynamic towards their needs.

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    Our Vision

    Children are our future, we want to seize this opportunity during their formative years through Early Years to uncover and develop their potential.

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    Children have varying abilities and potentials, in Gu+mmi we stay dynamic in our approach and constantly attentive towards their developmental needs.

Prepare your child for challenges ahead

Feel The Difference

What gives our schools the quality you feel the moment you enter are the “pillars” of belief that support them. There are six core beliefs on which everything centers at our schools.

  1. Experiential Learning

    We help children connect with their surroundings in new ways, so they discover what is meaningful to them in the moment and in the future.

  2. Community

    A child’s educational success is largely dependent on families, educators and peers.

  3. Collaboration

    Sharing new experiences and solving problems with others lead to a greater sense of connectedness – as well as meaningful learning experiences.

  4. Proven Models

    Several important learning models have been developed by educators around the world. The human connection must be a key component of learning.



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