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Parents Say

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    Turan Solmaz Daddy Of Deha Solmaz

    He likes his school and teachers. I have almost no difficulty to taking him to school. He likes to go to his school, it gives a feeling of a real home. Deha developed skills on writing and reading. Before school, he couldn't write a single word. He can make up nice stories by simply looking at the pictures.

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    Shuhui Mummy Of Raynor Tay

    “Thanks for taking so much effort in taking care and nurturing all the children under your care.

    “He is more eloquent in his speech.

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    Sharifah Mummy of Ahmad and Abbas

    “Smart Kids has the combination of Brain-Stimulating and Montessori and Chinese Programmes are so unique, powerful and effective.

    I loved it that my children learned so much in a short period without having to go through stressful moments of doing homework.

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    Joyce Mummy Of Bliss, Zest, Hope and Zeal Foo

    The individual care for each of my children, the personalize teaching is a very unique characteristics of your program.

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    Dr Bala Daddy Of Mehadarsini (5-years old)

    “Meha joined Smart Kids when she was 3. By 5, she was able to communicate in Chinese with our Chinese neighbour, even though she doesn't speak Chinese at home at all. Our neighbour even remarked that she can communicate to her better than her own grandson!”.

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    Mrs. Toh Mummy of Jermel, 5-years old

    “Jermel joined Smart Kids only at 5 and did not even know the alphabet. Just 6 months into the programme, he began reading simple reader and by the time he graduated, he was competent reader in both Chinese and English.”.

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    Jocelyn Mummy Of Andy Lai (3-years old)

    “The school has longer program hours than other schools which is effective as Andy has shown progress in alphabetical, numerical and colour recognition”.

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    Mrs Lee, Mummy of Zi Xuan

    “Zi Xuan looking forward to go school every day. She mumbled all teachers at home. My child is always greeted warmly by teachers”.

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    Tan Gim Song Daddy Of Chen BoHao (6-years old)

    “My child shows great improvement in talking and writing both English and Chinese Language. My child is keen to go school and he is enjoying there. The teachers are very helpful towards Bohao and me”.